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All work is carried out by fully MOT trained vehicle technicians. An MOT ensures that your vehicle is up to road safety standards and is properly maintained.


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New MOT test laws

At Harratts we want to make sure that you are aware of any changes taking place in the automotive world that will affect you.

On 20th May 2018 the MOT test changed to new defect types, stricter rules for diesel car emissions and making some vehicles over 40 years old exempt.

1) Defects

Defects found during the MOT are now categorised differently

- dangerous

- major

- minor

The MOT tester, for each item, will choose a category relating to the type of problem and how serious it is. Advice will be given for the items you need to monitor, these are known as "advisories". Your MOT certificate will list defects under categories making it easier to understand.

What do these new categories mean?


A direct or immediate risk to road safety or has a serious impact on the environment. Do not drive this vehicle until it has been repaired.



It may affect the vehicle's safety, put other road users at risk or have an impact on the environment. Repair it immediately



No significant effect on the safety of the vehicle or impact on the environment. Repair as soon as possible.



It could become more serious in the future. Monitor and repair if necessary.



It meets the minimum legal standard. Make sure it continues to meet the standard.


2) Stricter rules for diesel car emissions

A diesel car with a diesel particulate filter (DPF - captures and stores exhaust soot to reduce emissions, check your handbook to see if your car has one) will now how to reach stricter standards.

Your vehicle will get a Major fault if the MOT tester:

- can see smoke of any colour coming from the exhaust

- finds evidence the DPF has been tampered with

3) Additions to the MOT

The new MOT legislation now includes extra items that need to be tested, these include checking:

- If tyres are obviously underinflated

- If the brake fluid has been contaminated

- For fluid leaks posing an environmental risk

- Brake pad warning lights and if brake pads or discs are missing

- Reversing lights on vehicles first used from 1st September 2009

- Headlight washers on vehicles first used from 1st September 2009 (if necessary)

- Daytime running lights on vehicles first used from 1st March 2018 (most of these vehicles will have their first MOT in 2021 when they are 3 years old)

Please note that there are other smaller changes as to how some items are being checked, these will be explained to you by your Harratts advisor when at the MOT centre.