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Harratts SMART Repairs
Shortened time and reduced costs

What is SMART Repair?

SMART stands for Small and Medium Area Repair Techniques.

This is the process of repairing a car using specialised tools, paint and materials to provide a cost-effective alternative to full-scale Bodyshop repairs. Over a decade ago a minor car repair needed to go to a specialist Bodyshop meaning a minor dent would require extensive work. SMART repairs have shortened the time and have reduced the price to fix minor damage.

How does it work?

SMART car repair techniques allow damage to be isolated and treated specifically without effecting the rest of the panel. Specialist technicians focus on the area of damage and use specialist paint, tools, methods and materials to ensure a good-as-new finish. Minor bumps and dents are also done as a SMART repair without disturbing the rest of the car. These would usually take a lengthy time to be completed and with a large expense.

Smart Repair Bookings

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SMART Repairs are more affordable than bodyshop work


These minor repairs usually just take a few hours to be completed

Maintain your NCB

The cost may be cheaper than your excess so you don't have to claim on your insurance

Increase the value of your car

Keeping your car maintained means the price will not depreciate as much

Why come to us?

Harratts technicians are all expertly trained to carry out any SMART Repair and promise you the highest standard. We warrant all our repairs for 12 months, which is 9 months longer than most. Please note that SMART repairs can not be carried out on bonnets, roofs or in the middle of the door panel.